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    This is a test post. 

    This is a test post.

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    NEW NOVEL– Here’s the working title an 

    NEW NOVEL– Here’s the working title and cover for my new one. Hope to have it done by October. http://ow.ly/i/2eObn

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    LABELS: Since we are all so Hell-bent on 

    LABELS: Since we are all so Hell-bent on labeling one another, why not provide newborns with a new Label Maker, and a permanent tattoo on the left hand with a space for the label?

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    Random thoughts, Part 2 

    Random thoughts, Part 2.

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    Random thoughts, Part 2 

    1. Why do politicians go to Washington with barely two nickles to rub together and come home millionaires?

    2. Why is it we are asked to put more money into schools, yet make no international gains in things like math and science?

    3. Ever notice, after a year or two in the Congress, Senate and House members believe they are more intelligent that the citizens who elect them?

    4. Why do schools teach our children problem solving rather than problem avoidance?

    5. How come there is always a stop sign at the end of a major thoroughfare detour?

    6. Why does it seem to take three vehicles and six workers (five standing by) to erect a new road sign?

    7. “…it’s a complicated issue.” really means: “I haven’t figured out what I can get for my vote.” Or, “I have no clue.”

    8. Two things promise rain: Washing your car, or, shining your shoes.

    9. Why does the smoke from a bonfire always come your way?

    10. “…at the end of the day” really means, “I have no reasonable response, so, let’s quickly end the discussion.”

    11. “…have a nice day” really means: “Move on, Buster.”

    12. “Undocumented worker” really means: “Sneaked in illegally”.

    13. “I’ll get back to you on that” really means: “Huh?”

    14. How come “Cute little bungalow” in real estate jargon really means: “Very small for the price; a tear down.”

    15. Why is it politicians check common sense at the door?

    16. Chivalry is not dead, it’s only unconscious.

    17. Common courtesy is no longer common.

    There are many more…. — Dan Lee, Danny Boy Stories

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    Defining Heroes 

    Defining Heroes.

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    Defining Heroes 

    Real events in the ‘Golden Decade’ of the 1950’s form the basis for many situations described in the collection of three fictional stories in Danny Boy Stories, Defining Heroes. In fact, each little story told by “Old Man” in “Old Man, Cop” is a true story, as told to us and embellished by real law enforcement officers.

    While people and places in Danny Boy Stories are fictional, our characters and situations are more believable because there is a foundation of truth.

    We invite you to join the growing number of Danny Boy Stories readers. Our fictions are available in paperback on Amazon.com, and for E-reader and tablet use from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Sony, Kobo, and many other sites.

    Search for “Danny Boy Stories”, or go to our site: http://www.dannyboystories.com.


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    Common Senseless… 

    Common Senseless….

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    Common Senseless… 

    The current flap over the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party groups, and Apple’s avoiding taxes through off-shore means, apparently points to the need for Americans to divorce themselves from the existing overburdening tax code.

    The IRS misdeeds simply echoed the administration’s consternation aimed at the Tea Party folks. After all, what employee would not pay attention to the public pronouncements of the boss. Add to that simple realization that the head of the union representing federal employees in the IRS visited with President Obama during the same time period the folks in the agency began targeting conservative organizations. Coincidence?

    Comes now, Apple, that wonderful American success story. Its only wrong-doing was following the law and sheltering potential taxes overseas. Perfectly legal and perfectly done. So, they get bashed for being smarter than the rest of us.

    But, the answer has been in front of us for many years: A Flat Tax!

    It seems to me now is the time to re-introduce demolition of the Tax Code and a wholesale layoff of IRS agents. Simpler and easier appeals to me… it certainly does not appeal to Congress and the bureaucrats collecting all those paychecks in the Internal Revenue Service.

    My bet is nothing will come of either issue and we will continue to muddle along senselessly.

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    What is this? 

    This is a commercial advertisement. If it were not a commercial advertisement, you would not have received this warning at the outset. However, it does not repeat, does not consume three minutes of your valuable time, and is not intended to insult or poke fun at anyone. Period.

    Please enjoy Danny Boy Stories in E-Book format and in paperback.

    Thank you!  Gracias!


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