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    The ‘Sequester’ of Bull! 

    A columnist friend of mine (Gary Gerard) cut through all the bull and fear mongering that is the ‘Sequester’ debate with an analogy any person can understand. Depending upon who you ask, the federal budget is $3.7 trillion or $4.2 Trillion. Let’s used Gary’s figures at $3.7 trillion.

    Put it this way: Your household food budget is $3,700 per year. You must cut $85 per year from that budget. Could you do it?

    Sure you could.

    Did you not already have to cut your food budget January 1st because of the increase in payroll taxes on which the President insisted?

    Now, let me interject another fact into the debate. When Congress threatens to shut down the federal government for lack of money, what do the bureaucrats say will occur first? Non-essential workers will be furloughed.

    How about furloughing those ‘non-essential’ workers in the first place? If non-essential, why are they there?

    The only real difficulty with the ‘sequester’ is a 7% defense cut, compared with 5% in other departments. Should it not be the reverse? Is not ‘defense’ more important than non-essential workers in this day of terrorism?

    Frankly, I’m just tired of it all. In this case, ignorance by the American People, is certainly not bliss.

    But, that’s just my view.

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    Society’s Vanishing words. 

    Take a moment to contemplate the following. Every day there are more examples these words are vanishing, and definitions may soon be eliminated from our dictionaries:

    pro·pri·e·ty–1. conformity to established standards of good or proper behavior or manners. 2. appropriateness to the purpose or circumstances; suitability. 3. rightness or justness. 4. the proprieties, the conventional standards of proper behavior; manners: to observe the proprieties.

    ci·vil·i·ty–1. a : civilized conduct; especially : courtesy, politeness. b : a polite act or expression.

    man·ners–1. social behavior, especially in terms of what is considered correct or unacceptable.

    Today these words mean less that in all of history. Not so, you say?

    Here are only two examples of folks you may want to ask: 1. Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o. 2. Family members of 9-11 victims whose last words were used in a commercial motion picture.

    Why is it we have little or no respect for one another any longer? Why do we not care?

    Certainly, the lack of no longer common courtesy cannot be blamed on one particular event or issue. It is not all the fault of television. It is not that we no longer teach the conventions of polite behavior to our children. It is not that men and women are now considered total and complete equals in every way. It is not the fault of adhering to political correctness. It is not the fault of little time to spend with our children, or the press of business necessities. It is not because most families must have two bread winners to make ends meet. It is not the lack of faith and religious underpinnings.

    Or, is it?

    Oh, and by the way…. I want it, and I want it now!


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    Coming to grips with adulthood… http:/ 

    Coming to grips with adulthood… http://ow.ly/hGZwF

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    A thriller for lunch http://ow.ly/hGZij 

    A thriller for lunch http://ow.ly/hGZij

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    Take a break with a good story… http://ow.ly/hGZ9Y

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    Follow the “family” on your Kindle, Nook, or tablet. http://ow.ly/hGYSL

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    If you like police stories… you’ll like these. http://ow.ly/hGYyO

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    There must be something dreadfully wrong 

    There must be something dreadfully wrong to recommend a book for Valentine’s Day. Nevertheless… I will. http://ow.ly/hGYjn

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    Seeking an escape? Read Danny Boy Storie 

    Seeking an escape? Read Danny Boy Stories…

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