Common Senseless…

The current flap over the IRS’s targeting of Tea Party groups, and Apple’s avoiding taxes through off-shore means, apparently points to the need for Americans to divorce themselves from the existing overburdening tax code.

The IRS misdeeds simply echoed the administration’s consternation aimed at the Tea Party folks. After all, what employee would not pay attention to the public pronouncements of the boss. Add to that simple realization that the head of the union representing federal employees in the IRS visited with President Obama during the same time period the folks in the agency began targeting conservative organizations. Coincidence?

Comes now, Apple, that wonderful American success story. Its only wrong-doing was following the law and sheltering potential taxes overseas. Perfectly legal and perfectly done. So, they get bashed for being smarter than the rest of us.

But, the answer has been in front of us for many years: A Flat Tax!

It seems to me now is the time to re-introduce demolition of the Tax Code and a wholesale layoff of IRS agents. Simpler and easier appeals to me… it certainly does not appeal to Congress and the bureaucrats collecting all those paychecks in the Internal Revenue Service.

My bet is nothing will come of either issue and we will continue to muddle along senselessly.