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  • dannyboystories 9:01 AM on August 31, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Shock Treatment 

    It occurs to me this country and its good people needed four years of an “Obama Administration” to shock folks into the realization we’ve gotten selfishly off track in the past 50 or so years… Tough way to learn a lesson!

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    5 Simple Facts 

    1. Government creates no product, no economic stability value.
    2. Working People create the taxes that finance government.
    3. Any governmental entity is a servant of the people.
    4. The country is owned by the People.
    5. The People can discharge their elected officials who work for them.
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    Closed Closet 

    Do the national media and politicians give you a thrill? Are you not infatuated by the prying (not probing) questions by the talking heads with their porcelain capped teeth? Rather than “vetting” candidates appropriately, media heads pry into those things not fair game. “How many times do you kiss your wife?” “Have you ever had an affair with another woman?” Similar demands will fill a filing cabinet, and, yet, the current President of the United States was not appropriately vetted to discern his educational qualifications and citizenship, let alone discover who he really is. Not so with other candidates. The national media thirsts for the current GOP Presidential candidate to “open his closet” completely, never mind others have not, including current Congressional leadership. We all have something in our closets we would just as soon not be public knowledge. The national media needs to police itself, use common sense, and, most importantly, be non-partisan!

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    Family Unrelated 

    Five…count ’em, five… novellas in one five-part volume. Follow high school friends as they face the world. Action, Adventure, Romance, Mob Crime and Murder, Business Success, Music, Theater…what more could you want? “The Family Unrelated”, now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. Enjoy “Danny Boy Stories” E-books.

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    Passion, Please 

    Passion, Please.

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    Passion, Please 

    Apparently, it is not difficult to discern who are the speakers passionate for their principles, the mechanical head turns toward teleprompters clearly identifying those who must read their words (or, those written for them by others). Of course, there are those who use the prompters, but the dedicated folks deftly work themselves through their speech with the teleprompters without obvious movement. Examples of true conviction the past few days at the GOP Convention are clear: Ted Cruz, of Texas, walked the stage without perceptible use of an aid; Ann Romney‘s simple love and understanding for her husband, was clear; Gov. Chris Christie‘s plain talk emotion can hold anyone listening spellbound; Condoleezza Rice‘s boldly intelligent command of the English language, and knowledge of subject was without equal; and, Rep. Paul Ryan‘s youthful outline of where the United States has been taken, and how we must sacrifice to extricate ourselves, was moving and exciting. And, of course, there are the media “anchors”, spending more time complaining about Condoleezza’s speech beginning before their networks came on the air at 10 PM, rather than insightful commentary, was just plain stupid. The networks had the opportunity to cover it all, and chose not to do so. Passion and dedication to the ideals that made the country great cannot be replaced by a teleprompter… but, then, that’s just me!

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    Identity ‘theft’… 

    Identity ‘theft’….

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    Identity ‘theft’… 

    The United States of America is in an identity crisis, I believe, caused by power hungry politicians and lobbyists. Think about it… promoted by the current administration’s zeal to divide this nation, the liberal media talking heads are taking the fight to the floor of the GOP convention, challenging every thoughtful conservative who will grant an interview. Racist! they cry to their viewing audience, when conservatives attempt to challenge the vast sums paid out for food stamps, etc. If liberals are so adept at solving problems, why is it the major cities they have ruled for decades are not in better shape, and, in point of fact, are worse off than before. Now, come the politicians of every stripe–Republicans and Democrats–trading their votes to maintain power, and lobbyists…you know, those folks with deep pockets bent on promoting causes for pay. Clearly, now, our federal bureaucrat employees apparently care little about this nation as they write rules on order of unelected, appointed, department heads, rules that are destroying the intent of the Founding Fathers. Now, too, the GOP establishment fearful they will lose the strangle hold they have on the party, and unable to crack the resolve of Tea Party Patriot’s grassroots movements, have approved a convention rule that will dilute or eliminate any further inroads these local patriots make in the party. Of course, these are only my opinions… but, it makes me sick to my stomach.

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    Blood Boiling! 

    It just makes my blood boil! Obama said flatly, in a Kansas City speech some hours ago, capitalism and liberty have “never worked”, he said it “doesn’t work”. His eloquent demagoguery cannot dilute the facts. The United States of America, existing for a scant more than 200 years, stands as the most successful governing vehicle ever conceived throughout the entire history of humankind, exceeding and surpassing every other governmental exercise, including Socialism, Marxism, Communism, monarchies, empires, you name it. Put that in your hat, Mr. Obama. Go ahead, try and prove me wrong! I’m an American Patriot, and by God, I will not be still, I will not vote for you, and I will encourage others to follow my example. PERIOD!

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    Music Maestro 

    Do you like Young Adult Romance? Working hard to achieve success in business? How about performing arts? Answer ‘yes’ and it means you will enjoy “Music Maestro” a Danny Boy Stories Adventure/Romance set in 1957. Look for the e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Sony, Apple, elsewhere. Read it on you own PC, tablet, phone, etc.

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