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    Fairy Tales? 

    I’ve been called an “incurable romantic”, and, if you’ve read any of my books or stories, you may figure I am.

    I get up every morning with a different song playing in my mind. I get misty when there is a news story about a seriously injured soldier trying to make sense of life, or they play taps at the cemetery. I have a 25-foot flagpole in my front yard with Old Glory waving in the breeze. And, I have a permit to carry a gun. That’s me.

    Is it any wonder, then, I was startled the other day when a man I know said of the Bible: “It’s just a 700-year-old book of fairy tales.”

    I’ve written previously about religion and what I believe is the need for humans to have something they can hold on to as we wander through life. I believe the human spirit NEEDS religion to survive, to trudge through the tragedies of life itself. Without religion of one kind or another, humans, in my view, would wander aimlessly through life. Worse, people without a religious foundation would wreak havoc on the world at large with nary a thought of conscious.

    There are many religions in the world, Christianity and Islam top the list in number of followers. I know you could name several others. In fact, when I’m told by another person they are an atheist believing in nothing, I figure “So, they believe in ‘nothing’, and that’s something.” 

    I’ve been a practicing Christian all my life. I remember receiving my first New Testament at Sunday School. I remember teaching high school students and a young adult class in Sunday School. I know how warming and satisfying true faith can be.

    I will pray for those without religion of some kind who cannot know those feelings. D C Dan Lee


    • faithanncolburn 7:30 PM on March 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Dan, I don’t quite understand why you would assume that a non-believer cannot experience feelings of warmth and comfort and safety. Nor can I comprehend why you would think people who don’t believe in God can’t live purposeful, considered lives. Seems to me one would HAVE to consider deeply how to structure a life.

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    Social Media and Amazon 

    If you are an Independent writer/publisher marketing your own work, recent statistics about social media posting, and Amazon’s advances in total book sales, have you a bit frightened. Here’s why:

    First, social media: Posting on various sites to gain notoriety for your work is massively time consuming. What’s more, your posts are among the millions of other posts. You only see yours and those of your friends. Do you really need to market to your friends? Furthermore, most folks tend to ‘friend’ those who are interested in the same thing. The problem is, the “public” is where you need to be marketing your work, not to other writers and friends.

    Further, where do you post–Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter? Do you have added pages on those or other sites? Even using “HootSuite” to post automatically on your sites, while efficient, is time consuming. In fact, social media posting is a full time task and the results are spotty at best. Are you posting to the most effective sites, or just those mentioned in news media? How do you know?

    You’d rather spend your time writing, or with family. Right?

    Well, shall we advertise on those sites you use? Good idea? Not so fast. Facebook, for example, allows you to “advertise” using “Like” clicks. What that means is your ad appears asking those who see it to “Like” your page. It’s a crap shoot those folks will actually read your page when liked. So, you spend, say, $50 over a 10-day period and get 50 likes–$1 a click. Pretty expensive, what?

    Now, Amazon: Amazon now sells the majority of books sold in the United States! It’s a good thing for Amazon, but what about you, the Independently published writer with e-books and maybe a paperback on Amazon. How will your readers find you on Amazon’s millions of book listings? Furthermore, because Amazon is the behemoth in book sales, it is in the driver’s seat. Will it change the royalty percentage you receive? Will it change the way you upload your book? Will it set more rules for content? Frankly, only Amazon’s management team know the answers to those questions. Amazon is successful because it is easy to buy on it’s site, and it provides extraordinary customer service.

    On-line books sales competition is a major reason for the decline in “traditional” publisher print sales, too. Print publishers take a bigger piece of the writer’s royalty pie, as well.

    All of the above comments are depressing. It’s scary to the independent writer. So, how do you tackle all of these problems?

    I believe the only way an independent writer can ever hope to surmount these stated problems is to band together. That’s why I have helped organize and support the Independent Writers’ Cooperative, Inc. Together is the only way I can foresee achieving any success in marketing independently written books. It takes money and members. If enough folks band together in a cooperative effort, the organization can do the work of marketing and public relations for the Indie Brand, not just on social media sites, but, with dues funding, national PR as well. That’s how Sunsweet and other cooperatives did it.

    It just makes sense to me… are you a member? Try http://www.bookco-op.com/join. What more have you got to lose?

    –Dan Lee, http://www.dannyboystories.com.Image

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    Lowered FB Impact 

    Okay, FB fans, you need to pay attention to the quote below from Time magazine. We sent a more extensive post to our IWC members about Social Media a few days ago. This is all the more reason for the Independent Writers’ Cooperative approach to helping Indie writers SELL BOOKS. Here’s the Time quote from an article by Victor Luckerson:

    “Over the past several months, Facebook has been reducing the organic reach of Pages. Even if a person Likes a company or organization on the social network, they’re unlikely to naturally see that Page’s content in their News Feed. In a recent study of more than 100 brand Pages, Ogilvy & Mather found that companies’ posts dropped from reaching 12% of their followers in October to just 6% by February. The tech blog Valleywag reports that Facebook is planning to dial reach down to 1% to 2% of followers eventually.

    Facebook declined to comment on the percentage of fans that see posts from a typical Facebook Page (the last publicly disclosed figure was 16% in the summer of 2012), but the company admitted in December that posts from Pages are reaching fewer users. Facebook attributes this change to increased competition as more people and companies join its service. The typical user is inundated with 1,500 posts per day from friends and Pages, and Facebook picks 300 to present in the News Feed. Getting squeezed out are both posts from Pages and meme photos as Facebook shifts its focus to what it deems “high quality” content.”


    • faithanncolburn 5:09 PM on March 27, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      That’s been my experience. Dan. I have over 1300 fans on my book page and might get 30 or 40 views on any one post. Kind of a waste of time so I’m putting the majority of my effort into my blog and twitter.

    • Phil Silver 2:47 PM on March 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Doesn’t that type of FB restriction or “selection” of what post are seen and not seen on its pages, border on the infringement of free speech for those who get their post cut?

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    Magic Bullets? 

    Magic Bullets?.

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    Magic Bullets? 

    Writing is a “craft”. Get over it!

    Frankly, I believe writing takes perseverance, patience, and it helps if you a a tad bit off center and melodramatic. Furthermore, unless you publish electronically as an “Indie Writer”, your first piece will likely not be in print… or, your second, or third, etc.

    The key is to continue writing. The more you write, the more you will develop your own style. Soon, the words will come more naturally; you will become as one with your characters.

    I published a crude learn to write piece on Smashwords, intended to be free for high school students. As it turns out, it is almost too simplified. However, it contains a simple exercise that brought me out of writers block a time or two.

    Most young authors nowadays write graphic adult scenes in their work; perhaps figuring word-illustrated sex sells. It does, of course. After more than 50 years writing, I recently abandoned the “limited profanity and sex scenes” for nearly graphic sex scenes in my newest efforts, a series of adult crime stories. It will be interesting to see how they do, when compared to my other works.

    Whatever your style, fiction or non-fiction, it is necessary to have a great vocabulary, command of the English language, and a good editor.

    Keep at it… Dan Lee, Danny Boy Stories, IWC Member


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    Have you looked at us recently? Would yo 

    Have you looked at us recently? Would you like to enjoy reading adventure, romance, crime stories?

    Buy on Amazon… http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B005FCGSF4

    Or, other sites, such as

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    The Precipice We Face! 

    The Precipice We Face!.

  • dannyboystories 8:09 AM on March 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply  

    The Precipice We Face! 

    I recall, when I was a boy, the folks walking around the downtown district wearing ‘A’ frame signs declaring “The End is Near”. Their message, of course, was a religious reminder, however, given the goings on in our nation’s capitol, I wonder if those signs would be very appropriate today.

    It is of no consequence if your leanings are toward Republican or Democrat parties, conservative or liberal, this country is it sad straights. We are flat broke! Interest on our debt is pushing us further into debt,–now at nearly $18 trillion, and soon to be $20 trillion–there are not enough working Americans contributing enough to fund the daily operations of a growing federal bureaucracy, and, I fear, reductions in our military have left us unable to defend ourselves from a growing dislike of the United States overseas.

    Now, if that is not sufficient to frighten the most optimistic citizen, our representatives in Congress lack the intestinal fortitude to tackle our problems head-on. Most, who have been elected to office too many times, are more concerned greasing the palms of their friends and paying themselves forward. The Congress has become a body of the “ruling elite” entirely disconnected with the people for whom they work, and sinfully partisan.

    Newly elected office holders in the Washington, DC, Beltway have little to say in an atmosphere cautioning the newbies: “Now this is how it works.” Soon, they, too, are bellied up to the public trough. In my view, legislation is directed at garnering reelection through pork barrel funding, rather than doing what is right or responsible. States must now consider ignoring edicts from the Federal Government; and, ask yourself why do we continue to pour more and more dollars into public education with increasingly limited results? Furthermore, it would seem, we are giving away the store with no opportunity to recover.

    You and I could rant on and on, accomplishing little more than soothing our frustration level. Perhaps what we really need is a peaceful citizen march on Washington, similar to the nearly two million souls the Tea Party folks brought there September 12, 2011. Perhaps a citizen visit to the Capitol that is substantially larger.

    In my opinion, we are nearing the precipice from which this nation will not recover.

    I’m ready to gas up the motor home and head that way. How about you? — D. C. “Dan” Lee, http://www.dannyboystories.com 

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