The Three Deadliest American Sins 

You may have heard at some point in your life that serious events come in threes, usually within a 36 to 48-hour frame–three traffic crashes, three deaths, three major fires, etc. When I was a working journalist many years ago, everyone in the news room swore the “rule of three” was factual. Indeed, we kept track over the years and proved the theory time and again.

Theoretically, I believe the rule applies to the United States of America today, and the three events have already occurred. Here they are, briefly stated:

1. Educational Failure: We have failed to school our children with information about the foundational history of America and how we came to be the most successful governmental experiment ever attempted–Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, both Roosevelt’s, WW1 and WW2, among hundreds of other examples–now threatened by liberal intelligentsia leanings toward Socialism.

2. Bureaucratic subserviency: Allowing those who work for the people in government (the bureaucrats) to take complete charge of governmental operations for their own purposes without fear of reprisal, and, more importantly, without fear of dismissal under the unionized civil service rules. There are seemingly no repercussions for incompetence or criminal activity in government. In many cases our liberties are being taken from us.

3. Abandoned Oversight: Rather than electing a “citizen government”, American voters are now prey to the professional politician who serves only to advance his/her notoriety, power, prestige, and financial position, rather than truly serving at the behest of the electorate. It appears voters are not engaged, politicians are doing as they choose.

One could expand items within each of these three serious event categories to include malfeasance in office, outright theft, deficit spending, ignoring infrastructure needs, etc. Too, a governmental sterility against any religious faith contributes to a moral decay expanding daily in a nation founded upon Judeo-Christian belief.

The lists could go on and on. Fundamentally, however, it is my view we have allowed ourselves to become subservient to government and are too busy with extracurricular activities to care. Currently, the present Congress allows the Executive Branch nearly complete sway over the affairs of this country in such a way as to undo much of what has taken more than 200 years to achieve. We are in a serious state of affairs perpetrated by both Democrat and Republican politician.

There is no point in belaboring the issues I’ve addressed. It is up to you to ponder the rule of three. In my view we may have allowed ourselves to sign the death warrant for America, a warrant that may not be reversible. — D. C. ‘Dan’ Lee

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