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    Offroad mudpath. 

    Offroad mudpath..

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    Offroad mudpath. 

    Good day:

    After three-quarters of a century, I’m wondering where we took the wrong turn, or, in the very least dropped off the pavement into uncharted territory.

    In the past couple of weeks it has been time for the annual poking and prodding by the medical community on my physical form. Popping in and out of offices, there is an absence of smiles, understanding folks who are ill are not going to smile much. That’s just not my style. I prefer to laugh, poke fun, have a good time at my own expense. Nevertheless, folks seem preoccupied.

    Frankly, there are so many things to complain about it’s easy to get “down in the dumps”, as my mother used to say. Furthermore, I believe, we’ve complicated our lives beyond resuscitation. What happened?

    It’s simple really: It’s all about the money! Abject greed has caused a trickle down pressure on average folks. It begins with huge, multinational corporations, continues into our elected officials in the Federal Government, and has no ending. Complex layers of activity in government and business defy understanding. In point of fact, government likely cannot solve our most basic problems, because the structure has become so convoluted and complicated, the damage to other institutions would be unbearable.

    A few weeks ago, Congress, for example, continued subsidies because the impact on the economy if those hand-outs were undone would be impossible.

    I like to think in simple terms:

    • There is no way to be all things to all people.
    • You can’t give away the hen house and expect to raise chickens.
    • There is not enough cash in the economy to fund the retirement of all.
    • You cannot spend money you do not have.
    • Learn from the mistakes of history.
    • Consider God, Family, Country, Duty, and Honor in that order.

    And, by the way, I figure we should not try to over-think the guidance in the Bible or United States Constitution…but, that’s just me.


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    Till the end of Time. 

    Hey, Indie Writers! Let’s talk time and money…

    How much time each week do you spend actually writing? Five, ten, twenty-five hours each week?

    How much time each week do you spend trying to market your books? Are you having any success. Have you ever noticed how many writers say they have the “magic formula” in their hip pocket, and yet they are not selling any more books than you.

    The fact is, there is not magic bullet. First, you have to be skilled in the complicated world of marketing and public relations. Do you have the time to learn those skills, and still work on your book when the mental juices are flowing?

    How much is your time worth? Is your hourly value $5 – $10 – $20 per hour? If you require 25 hours per week to work on your manuscript, would you have to spend $100 in a month for marketing and public relations efforts?

    Hiring someone to tell you what to do, or to take over your marketing and public relations will cost you much more than $750 per year, or $2 per day for the year.

    How would you like to get those services for only twenty cents a day for marketing and public relations combined? What? Only 20-cents a day!

    Your dues in the Independent Writer’s Cooperative, Inc., your non-profit Indie Writer’s book marketing cooperative will only cost you $75 for the first 12-months! Yes, that IS only 20-cents a day…less than 3-cents an hour for a 40-hour week. But, BookCo-Op.com is working for you 24/7, and the public relations/publicity arm will work just as hard.

    Are YOU a member? http://www.bookco-op.comImage

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    ON THE FRONTIER. Like many of you, I’ve 


    Like many of you, I’ve spent some time reading and looking things up on the Internet and in other sources. I’ve come to the conclusion we’ll never really know what occurred in the Zimmerman/Martin case down in Florida.

    In my mind, both parties, one of them deceased, were at fault. Zimmerman, over zealous, carrying a weapon; Martin, something of a thug suspended from school for his own bad acts.

    What troubles me most is the cry in the streets for “justice”. Like it or not, justice was served. A jury returned a verdict following a fair trial, all according to Constitutional law. Those who don’t agree with the verdict have no place calling for some other kind of “justice”.

    Further, politicians are off base calling for federal statute charges just because they, too, did not like the verdict. If the truth be told, there are so many Federal Public Law statutes on the books, not any one of us could escape the courts; we could be charged with something any minute. Think about that–the shoes would be on our feet.

    This entire tragic episode reminds me of so-called frontier justice: “Give ‘im a fair trial, then we’ll hang ‘im!” That kind of law enforcement was not justice back then, and it is not justice now. But, that’s just my opinion… what do I know?

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    Strike up the Band the Ship is Leaving! 

    Strike up the Band the Ship is Leaving! Don’t look now but Book Co-Op(TM) is getting up a head of steam for Independent Writer’s Cooperative members. The web site is still under construction, but Indie Writers see it helping develop sales for so many books languishing in the thousands with little recognition. That’s about to change! http://ow.ly/n93tN http://ow.ly/i/2ERoI

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    What most Indie Writer’s need, above al 

    What most Indie Writer’s need, above all else, is Brand Identification that will sweep them out of the Internet morass into the bright light that will propel the buying public to the many Indie great writers and books, and that is exactly what the Independent Writer’s Cooperative intends to do.Together, there is much we can do.

    There are hundreds of sites on the Internet attempting to promote books, yet the buying public has know knowledge of them. In fact, YOU likely have never heard of the majority. How, then, can your books be promoted and purchased if the buying public is unaware?

    Book Co-Op.com (TM), the Independent Writer’s Cooperative brand can help your sell books. IWC is your cooperative, a non-profit organization where Indie Writers pool their resources (dues). A writer with $100 to spend on marketing can do very little, but 100 writers with $100 can do a great deal.

    We’re still under construction, but we need you to join with us today. Go to our web site and click on the PayPal link to submit your dues. A small $75 for a full 12 months is very little to spend on and effort that, over time, can put Indie writers in the public awareness.

    SunKist, SunSweet, OceanSpray, and other marketing cooperatives have proven time and again the tremendous value of cooperatively marketing. Is what you are now doing working?

    If not, come together with the Independent Writer’s Cooperatiive! http://ow.ly/mFWpD


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    Take a look… http://ow.ly/i/2wnyu 

    Take a look… http://ow.ly/i/2wnyu

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    This is exciting…. Indie writers: Join 

    This is exciting…. Indie writers: Join me, today! http://ow.ly/mzZ88

    Pass it on…

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