Looking into the characters.

The primary characters in Danny Boy Stories are real but are nonetheless fictional. They lived at a time long ago in an age many historians call the “Golden Decade”. While their escapades and situations are patterned after real events, the circumstances, indeed their individual personalities were embellished for dramatic reading entertainment.

Imagination, ah, and of course the fantasies one sees playing out in an active mind adds to every character. Hero, heroine alike become bigger than life in fiction. Do we see them as ourselves? Perhaps, but only as things might have been. Every story has, over time,  been re-edited and is more entertaining now than when first introduced.

I’m told most writers live vicariously as their characters develop in a fictional piece. Are writers dreamers? Oh to be sure. I dream constantly about what might have been, and put those images down on paper in fiction. Dreams, to a writer, are critical events that must occur in the mind for a story to develop. The trick is to keep your dreams separate from life itself.

Now, I’m an incurable romantic as well. My bride of more than 56 years will tell you I’m the “touchy, feeling” type as well. In my fictional stories you will find my principal characters constantly holding hands. In my mind the simple act of two people holding hands helps bind them together, helps them to connect with one another. Too, I think you will find if you simply reach out and take the hand of your significant other in a time of crisis, things will almost immediately get better.

I liked writing my Danny Boy Stories. Each one carries with it an embellished time of life. You’ll find a generous bit of faith in Almighty God in my stories. I believe without religious faith the human spirit cannot survive. And, music, as well. Music to me is the adhesive that connects the human heart with God. Think about it.

Will I ever re-publish Danny Boy Stories now being removed from the Internet market place, or write more? That has yet to be decided.

Thanks to those who purchased. I am grateful. — D. C. ‘Dan’ Lee, 12/2015.

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