Understanding the narrowing road.

(A very personal piece.)

I have always been extraordinarily active, professionally and in community affairs of one kind or another. That includes being A-political. That has all changed.

A week ago, life slapped me in the face and kicked me hard in the stomach with the sudden realization I am done, finished, nothing left to do, no goals or dreams that can be followed at my age of 77 years! It has now been one of the most difficult times of my life of more than seven decades on this fragile planet.

My mind went screaming through thought processes: What do I do now, I may not be here tomorrow. No sense planning that, it will take to long to materialize, and…so on. Too, My thoughts raced back to a time long gone, times that were wonderful for me, things that can never be repeated. Sadly, too, I began to second-guess myself. What if I did this or that, rather than what I did.

Now, understand, I’m a religious person, a Christian, even though I seldom attend a regular church service. I’ve studied a long time, only a stroke of my pen would find me ordained. So, I fully understand the need to seek prayerful help during this time. Still, only the kind words of an Internet friend pulled me out of a black hole that may have ended my life prematurely.

Nevertheless, I’m making a number of changes. I’m pulling all my “Danny Boy Stories” off sale, and will discontinue writing for a time. I don’t know if I will ever re-publish any. I’ll likely pull out my watercolors and waste a lot of paper in the next few weeks. Further, I don’t intend to do many things that are not fulfilling.

What I will do is spend as much time as possible doing what I need to do to keep my mean old bride of 56 years happy. After all, she’s put up with my idiosyncrisies all this time. — D. C. “Dan” Lee

“…and, when my life is over, I shall ask the angels to recall the thrill of it all, and I’ll remember you…”

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