War is hell, and we’re in it!

We are at war! You must understand war is hell in every way.

If you want to win, you must bring every tool to bear. Civilians may die. The results my be horrible, but if you want to WIN, are necessary. In World War 2, for example, it was necessary to bring the nation’s of the Axis Powers to their knees.

War is hell, if you want to win, if you really want to WIN. Anything else simply sacrifices military men and women as political pawns.

You cannot fire half a bullet, drop a bomb only half way, or restrict your armed forces with unrealistic rules of engagement. Not if you want to WIN.

Those of us who have served in the regular, National Guard, or Reserve forces, know one does not say “pretty please” before you squeeze the trigger.

…but these are just my opinions.

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