Immigration problems are not going away soon!


The illegal (that’s the proper word) immigration problem is not going to go away easily, and it’s just one more reason why American voters are angry at the professional politicians who populate the buildings, streets, and alleyways of Washington, DC. It is also why so many are delighted with Donald Trump’s “deport them all” stance.

If you think about it, in my view, it is not the individual immigrant that folks are angry about, it’s the obvious way in which the Congress and our President are ignoring Americans who feel they are losing their country.

I spent more than two decades in California, one of our states where there is a large and vibrant population of Hispanics. Indeed, I have many fond memories of friends of Mexican descent sharing community action alongside me in Jaycees, Lions, Rotary, etc. Unfortunately, these real citizens get swept up in the “politically correct” efforts of politicians. As…

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