The Donald Trump phenomenon — My take.

The phenomenon that is the Donald Trump Republican presidential candidacy, to those of us out in the heartland of America, is easy to explain. Although the talking heads of television and radio marvel at Trump’s continuing popularity, truth is the billionaire real estate mogul just tells it like he believes it is. He is a no holds barred, blustery, often rude reflection of the unvarnished frustration voters of every stripe have with the bloated, incompetent, do nothing bureaucracy that is our federal government.

It is simple really. Republican and Democrat voters in America are angry. While the United States debt continues to rise, politicians and lobbyists grow the federal government with more and more agencies, divisions and departments unable to tackle simple tasks in behalf of the folks who pay the bill. Trump has no difficulty calling our leaders stupid, or dumb. In fact, his words are exactly what a large majority of Americans have been thinking for a decade and longer.

Fed up with a nation that is too politically correct with all too many small special interest groups dictating how the average Joe and Jane Doe shall live their lives, Americans see themselves reflected in Donald Trump’s brash fearlessness. A wealthy man, Trump needs not fear for his job or paycheck as the average American. He need not be afraid of the next splinter group picketing in front of his malt shop, ruining the business mom and pop have worked hard to develop over many years. He has, then, the ability to do what many voters would like to do: Thumb his nose at unreasonable demands.

While a measure of Trump’s popularity can be attributed to his celebrity as a television personality, in my view it is certainly not the major reason folks are flocking to see and hear what he has to say.

Americans see our professional politicians in Washington, DC, refusing to address the most fundamental solution to illegal immigration: Failure to close our borders effectively. “How hard can it be to build a damn fence when the money was allocated years ago?”

Americans see our professional politicians failing our veterans’ medical needs. Voters find it distasteful and bordering on criminal.

Americans see our military systematically neutered because Congress and the president are unable to come to grips with budgetary constraints that mean reducing the size of the bureaucracy, deleting duplication of effort, and, yes, eliminating whole departments as unnecessary. Americans do not like the idea of the United States as a second-class nation. Americans, considered loud, arrogant, and often rude by folks in other countries, want America to be proud and strong. “Peace through strength” is what citizens want of their country.

Of course, a strong union and tight civil service rules make it all but impossible to fire any worker for cause. Ronald Reagan was the last president who successfully faced a union head on. The pendulum has swung wide of center.

Trump seems to stand in the way of those who would remove reminders of our history, because those reminders are “uncomfortable”. The fact is, our history is what it is, warts and all. Slavery occurred, the civil war occurred, and turning a blind eye to the facts of history dooms us to repeat the failures and errors of the past.

Political correctness dilutes the viability of a free people to walk without fear. People are tired of seemingly forced to tippy toe through life. Having said that, polite civility is, for the most part, absent. Too many folks just seemed not to give a damn about their fellow man. That fine line tightrope must be found and must be walked. I see a root cause of our own incivility caused by a decline in religious faith.

That’s the way I see things with regard to Donald Trump. Will he be the Republican nominee? You can make that guess on your own. – D. C. ‘Dan’ Lee

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