Sitting on your seat is not an option.

The news is not good today.

Four U.S. Marines killed in a terrorist attack in Tennessee today, more than a dozen people want to be the GOP nominee for President, few have confidence in the Iran agreement concerning the atom bomb and similar munitions they want, the federal bureaucracy continues to take hold of virtually every corner of our lives, and our do-nothing elected officials continue to do just that.

I read a lot, but that does not mean I know much. I review summaries of current legislation to try to understand what has been done to us citizens lately. I’m always concerned with the Federal Register, that’s the publication stuffed with all the new regulations “needed” to undertake the operational effectiveness of virtually every law passed in Washington, DC. Did you know every one of those new rules is decided upon by non-elected departmental employees?

This will get me in trouble with some of my friends: Barack Obama’s administration has done more to destroy individual freedoms and liberties in America than anyone else since the inception of the United States. Just read all the Executive Orders. Furthermore, it appears to me the Democrats and Republicans elected to the Congress are doing little to prevent what are questionable acts, perhaps even unconstitutional. Hey, you are representatives of the PEOPLE who elected you, not your political party!

So what to do?

Actually, Billy Graham had the answer years ago: “Just get up out of your seat…” Catherine MacKenzie wrote a book by that name about Rev. Graham. But this is not about him, it is about you, and the need for every citizen to get off their butt and begin to participate. “Just get up out of your seat” and away from the television, learn what is really happening. Review everything without the shellacking given by partisan politics. You make the call, not your neighbor or BFF.

In my view, the federal government is much too large and spends far too much. Restrictions on business discourage jobs and that impacts you, regardless your profession or station in life. The dominoes continue to tumble.

Yep, Billy Graham had the right idea all along. “Just get up out of your seat.” Maybe you could also say a prayer to the Almighty too. — D. C. ‘Dan’ Lee.

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