What did you miss today?

In just 86,400 seconds from this instant it will be tomorrow at this same time. What did you miss?

Time, it has been said, is fleeting, never to return. One cannot take it back, re-use it, or change it. Once a second is gone, it is gone forever, never to return. What did you miss?

Did you witness your child’s first step, for once it is taken, every step thereafter is secondary. Oh,…I missed it.

When did I last tell a loved one I loved them? Did I do it today, yesterday? Oh,…I…missed it.

Do you remember little Susie’s first piano recital? The first is always the most thrilling, if not always imperfect. Were you there? Oh,…I…missed it.

I see by the local newspaper the city council has a new ordinance regarding the appearance of residential properties. Well, if they come to my house they’d better have a warrant! I’ll go to their next meeting and tell them a thing or three. What’s that…they already passed it? It’s too late? I… guess… I missed it.

Oh, and the Congress…I’ll write my representative a letter to better know my position on that important matter. It’s already passed, you say? Oh,…I…guess I missed it.

More often than not we all miss the importance every minute of our lives brings. You have 86,400 seconds given you each and every day. Will you squander or make use of each. There is a finality to every second of every hour, of every day, of every year. It will not return. You have no second chances regarding time. Once here, it is gone forever.

Do you take advantage of every moment in every day? Or, will you miss it! — D. C. ‘Dan’ Lee