The solution has to by-pass politics!

I cannot pretend to fully comprehend the difficulties in America’s black communities. I’ve not resided in any of them. My experiences in my 76 years are somewhat limited in that respect. However, reason tells me destructive violence will not resolve the problems.

Here are some points I think should be obvious for citizens to begin on their own, with the help of private churches and organizations to help their communities:

  1. Violence must stop.
  2. The politicians who serve these black communities (largely Democrats) have promised everything and done nothing, except pad their own pocketbooks and power base.
  3. Listening must begin.
  4. Education in these areas must be improved, perhaps expanded.
  5. Violence must stop.
  6. Programs to educate adults in parenting should be a priority.
  7. Listening must begin.
  8. Adult classes in good citizenship might help.
  9. Violence must stop.
  10. Cradle-to-grave welfare programs must be restructured to encourage a real work ethic.
  11. Listening must begin.
  12. Re-training of those out of work could be instituted.
  13. Violence must stop.
  14. Institute the neighborhood watch program operated by residents.
  15. Listening must begin.
  16. Economical transportation to areas where jobs exist would help.
  17. Violence must stop.
  18. Neighborhood residents should work on their own behalf without dependence on the government.

I wonder if any of this would work, or, if residents in these communities would accept these efforts as helpful at all? Tough questions.  A smile or two would help. — D. C. ‘Dan’ Lee (Read “Cup O Music” from Danny Boy Stories at … you might be surprized.)

Young black man 2