…and, who will fight for us?

Our federal government has apparently become so large and burdensome most agencies are simply inept. There are so many levels of supervision and management, there appears to be a major time lag between the need for a decisive decision and action–if it comes at all.

It seems there is a total lack of common sense in most federal operations.

The federal government is supposed to work for “the good of the people”. It just is not happening. The miriad of rules and regulations, occupying reams upon reams of paper, do little more than complicate production and the very lives of We the People. In an attempt to “simplify” requirements, agencies fall to pages of check marks in the presumption everyone and every business is the same. That is just plain wrong.

Is there an absence of really qualified persons working in our agencies? Protected by a union, do federal workers simply move from agency to agency when it is discovered the individual is clearly inept? That is exactly what was attempted in the VA when upper level management was fired at one hospital. By the way, the so-called “overhaul” of the VA in recent legislation kept in place the bonus system that led to the mismanagement of hospitals in the first place.

In my view, the federal government is totally out of control and in recent years agencies have become the swords against the people swung by the current Administration. Additionally, those selected for high advisory positions clearly have little or no governing experience, as is evidenced by the lack of precise and workable foreign policies set forth by the President.

Watching interviews of college students on television recently was truly frightening. Students from such well respected institutions as Harvard, when ask which was more dangerous ISIS or the United States, answered “United States” without hesitation. Is this more evidence a liberal intelligencia is making a major impact on the minds of our youth? Is it just another reason to reject “Common Core” in our schools?

When you add it all up–IRS scandal; VA hospitals; indecisive action against ISIS; the threats of Russia and China; a federal deficit of more than $17 trillion, etc.–our federal government is entirely out of control and our military is being neutered in the process. So much for peace through strength.

Our Constitution is the answer to maintaining a working government, but few in elected office pay attention, as is evidenced by the lack of Constitutional oversight. The American way of life is threatened from within and overseas, too. Who will fight to preserve America when it appears so many just don’t give a damn?– D. C. “Dan” Lee

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