No time for panic.

Posts by our major national media regarding the murderous terrorist group ISIS (ISIL, or whatever) is enough to cause panic in the streets anywhere. Nevertheless, this is not the time to panic. It is a time for resolve.

ISIS is not a new phenomena. The organization has been developing financial income streams, recruiting followers and fighters for four years! It is only now it has begun fighting toward its goals in the Middle East, and may soon move on to Europe, and, the United States.

While this is certainly not the time to panic, it is time for timely decision-making, something the Obama administration does with great difficulty. Since, in my view, most decisions are actually being made by Valerie Jarret, I am not surprised by the delays. Philosophical liberalism Ms. Jarret espouses provides no background for the intense and critical international affairs process with which the United States must contend.

That being said, dismissal of military needs by Obama and his advisers has put the American military back to pre-World War Two status. Apparently, President Obama has no understanding of the “Peace through Strength” credo put forward by the likes of President Ronald Reagan. It is time the Congress–Senate and House–force the issue in a by-partisan way, although that seems unlikely.

Re-invigorating our military, abandoning the pink slips sent to combat line officers, and facing the international threat head-on is what this country needs immediately. Of course, that also means costly programs, like ObamaCare, must be curtailed in an atmosphere of attempting to balance the budget.

The thought comes to me, however, that the wrench in the works may well be corruption that is widespread in the Federal Government bureaucratic agencies that are controlled by unions! — D. C. “Dan” Lee 

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