Please, don’t call me ‘Bacon’…or, We’re winding the cuckoo clock.

What in tarnation has happened to the people in these United States of America?

We shudder and cower at virtually every voice raised in disagreement, placate the smallest organization, we divide and choose up sides against all comers, organizing people with the same color of hair, etc.

How about “political correctness”? I call it just plain dumb, because there is little underlying moral obligation in many instances. The pendulum has not swung. It is rotating in wide circles that mean little or nothing. We cannot legislate human emotional behavior; we can only work together to improve.

An example: A restaurant took down their signs advertising breakfast bacon because a muslim woman complained it is offensive to those who do not eat pork. ( ) Go ahead. Read the story. It is one thing to respect one’s religious preferences, quite another to force others to abide by your particular point of view.

Another example: In Tennessee, a 17-year-old girl was suspended from school after telling a fellow student ‘bless you’ after they sneezed. ( ) The student’s teacher banned “Godly speak” in her classroom.

Here’s one that boils: “(CNN) — A California school that stopped students from wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo didn’t violate their constitutional rights, an appeals court (has) ruled…” ( )

The above was in the small farming community of Live Oak, CA, north of Sacramento, as the crow flies…I’ve been there many times. School officials said they were trying to avoid confrontations during Cinco de Mayo, a big deal in California where there is a large Hispanic population. I certainly don’t object to folks celebrating their heritage–St. Patrick’s Day, Octoberfest, etc. I wonder how many students in this school district also get a solid dose of American history, or that Flag Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, President’s Day, and, of course the Fourth of July are recognized with equal zeal.

In my view, the national media is complacent in all of this PC stuff. Most folks are afraid of saying or doing much in public for fear they will be verbally attacked (or worse) if they accidentally misspeak. One fears becoming the nightly news featured story, that would certainly all but blaime you for opening your mouth…free speech and all. Most folks I know don’t participate in vicious name-calling and discrimination, and should not. Think about this, could you take the scrutiny of the press by running for public office?

The press folks (yes, I was one for many years) quickly explain they are only reporing the “truth”. Nope. At least not ALL the truth. It’s called inuendo, absence of malice or defamation. If you’ve seen “Absence of Malice”, the 1981 motion picture featuring Paul Newman and Sally Field, you know exactly how you can be destroyed by a well-placed word phrase. In today’s instant reporting media, inaccurate reporting with no verification is now commonplace. Don’t bet your last dollar the facts will ever be corrected publicly.

So, I blame us all. I blame federalization of our schools, where your local board should know best. I blame you and me for allowing political correctness to come this far. I blame all of us for participating in groups that splinter us into factions or associations, activists that become just plain mean spirited. Finally, I blame the legal profession for consistently stooping low for an easy buck in civil court.– Insurance companies would rather settle quickly out of court to save expenses and their bottom line.

I’m reminded of the story of a kid some years ago who broke out a roof skylight in a Northern California school, slid down a pole, and then fell to serious injury attempting to climb up the pole with his stolen goods. The school district paid $250,000 because the kid was seriously injured! We’re all just plain screwed up. — D. C. Dan Lee. 

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