We need solutions, not race baiting.

Full disclosure: I grew up in a north-central Indiana farming community of about 15,000. As I recall, there were only three black families in the community. Segregation was not an issue, and my first exposure to it was after travelling to larger communities. So, my seven decades of experience is limited.

The current rush to judgement in Ferguson, Missouri, is troubling. Major media has a hand, just as does Al Sharpton, in fanning the flames of unrest in the community. It now appears the young man tragically killed in Ferguson may have attacked the officer, inflicting serious injury on the policeman before he was gunned down. We are still learning the facts in this tragedy and the real problems of the community.

The American black community has apparently been on the receiving end of liberal political policies that have held down that segment of our society for decades, trapping these folks in low income, low quality housing “projects” that artificially segregate these folks from the rest of the community. The result is overcrowding in poorly achieving schools, lack of reasonably nearby employment, and more. In my view, education is a key to rising out of poverty.

Liberal Democrats have for decades promised improvement to the black community. Have they ever delivered? Think about it. Every major city with difficult situations for the black community has been represented by liberal Democratic politicians for decades. Has there been major improvement or change as a result? Are power hungry politicians deliberately controlling the black community? Does concentrating low income housing in high density circumstances help, or simply add to the problem?

I believe it is all but impossible to legislate human emotion, it must be changed over time by reasonable folks working together to improve the entire lot of society. The rush to judgement by the major media, together with the intentionally inflamatory remarks by people like Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson are of no help and make any solution all but unachievable.

Without question, there are race problems in this nation. It is time we threw out the politicians and pundits who perpetuate those difficulties with their self-serving rhetoric, and work to effect real change. I believe in “a hand up” rather than “a hand out”, but it takes real solutions and courage, not race baiting. — D. C. “Dan” Lee.