What were they really thinking?

Much has been written about America’s Founding Fathers–the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, and, of course, the Constitution of the United States of America–but do you wonder what men like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and the others were thinking privately? What was going on in their minds that has not been reported from notes and memoirs?

I have always been infatuated by Colonial America, particularly the 1770’s and 80’s. I have read the Federalist Papers–the published arguements in favor of the newly proposed Constitution. I have read many biographies, including my favored Benjamin Franklin autobiography, trying to understand these Colonial Patriots fully.

The Constitution was approved by only 39 of the 55 deligates to the Constitutional Convention, only a couple more than a two-thirds majority. The United States came very close to failing in its first organizational endeavor.

After reading so much material over the years, and the brilliance of the Constitution itself, I prefer the romantic version of events, that the men who toiled, cajoled, and argued the Constitution were in the presence of the guiding hand of God. Fortunately, my emotional position cannot be prooved or disprooved. My devotion to these United States is steadfast, guided by the very words set down by the framers themselves.

It is amazing to me how such and odd collection of Colonial Patriots could have foreseen so much, and crafted a nation of laws that has exceeded the expectations of many. Of course, the United States is a Representative Republic, not a true majority rules democracy. As a result, the little towns and counties abroad have nearly as much sway in matters as the most populous.

I like it that way. It provides a checks and balances perhaps not envisioned by the Founders. In addition, liberties and freedoms have had more protection in the past than most realize. There are those who would change the Constitution to fit what they say is a change in society. I submit changes proposed do not stand the test of honesty, and will help doom this nation.

Today, too many citizens are driven by those old sins: Greed, Jealously, and Hate. Further, it seems to me a large majority of the population knows little about the forming of this nation, or what the Constitution actually says to protect we citizens.

When was the last time, if ever, YOU actually sat down and read the Constitution? Do you know the constraints placed upon our elected representatives?

The ballot box is the final control over our elected officials, but nowadays it seems elections are too far away to prevent overstepping by those we have elected. Is our knowledge to be guided by polls? Are our officials often much too impressed with their position of importance to pay heed to the people for whom they work?

Our Federal Government is now so burdensome and giagantic, in my view, it is inefficient and far too expensive, regulating much too closely to liberties we hold dear. Partisan politics plays a far too important role in our Federal Government.

It is high time we citizens stepped back, and took a hard look at what we have allowed to happen that was NOT the intention of the Founding Fathers. — D. C. “Dan” Lee, Danny Boy Stories

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