The hope for intestinal fortitude.

“Intestinal fortitude” is just another way of describing courage, also described as strength of character, depth of principles…and so on.

Apparently, in the Washington, DC, beltway there is none of these!

One can take solace in the fact the Congress is on vacation and can neither do more damage nor engage in public partisanship. Harry Reid will not have another 200 bills passed by the House to ignore, and John Boehner will not have to explain away his inaction either.

The Republican house passes bills, Reid and his Democrat pals refuse to consider these, and President Obama blames the Republicans. Finger pointing is the tact for the day…every day.

President Obama says “let’s work together”, and yet refuses to discuss even the smallest detail. “Working together” means sitting down with those who do not agree with you and finding common ground, perhaps compromise. I would be surprised if the President offered any solid suggestion whatsoever. Thus far it has been only “my way, or the highway”.

Is not one piece of pie better than none at all?

In my view, the President’s lack of any managerial skill or negotiating talent–a simple review of his background at election time would have pointed to his lack of experience– is causing great damage to the United States in foreign and domestic affairs. I wonder if this country will be able to withstand it all?

Look at all that faces us: Southern Border Crisis; IRS scandals; veterans not getting treatment (and the recent VA bill only adds more hurdles); business strangling on EPA rules; a healthcare plan that will likely implode; Iraq being overtaken by a larger terrorist organization; Afghanistan likely to fall once the Americans are gone; a Syrian civil war; Hamas terrorists; … and on and on. 

All this while the President flies around the country on Air Force One raising scads of money for party politics as usual. Presidential business in absentia. 

I hope, come November, the electorate will recognize there needs to be an upheaval in the Congress from pure partisanship. Frankly, I hope for more Tea Party candidates. At least, with Tea Party folks, you know what you are getting. — D. C. “Dan” Lee, Hoosier PatriotsATT00092