What happened to the “Big Dog”?

The United States of America has stood as a formidable nation in the world for more than 200 years. While Americans have generally not sought conflict, a list of wars in which the U.S. has been a participant primarily documents victories for the nation throughout its history.

A review of “wars” involving the United States demonstrates America has generally been late to the fight, slow to join the shooting. In modern history the nation has been looked upon, not as a bully, but to be shown respect. American strength has often been considered by rogue nations before conflict exceeds national borders. The mere presence of American influence has been a deterrent to those who would attempt international mischief.

In many ways, the United States has been the “Big Dog” in the neighborhood, one to be reckoned with by those who would consider causing trouble the rest. Apparently, that is no longer the case. It now appears America has been all but neutered in the neighborhood of nations, no longer a cause for concern by those with ambitions beyond their own borders.

The first indication American influence would be diluted came, it seems, when newly elected President Barack Obama made his so-called “Apology Tour” of Europe and the Mid-East. It was a signal to friend and foe alike that the United States no longer was to be considered the “cop on the beat”, a deterrent to broader conflict, the “Big Dog” on the block.

Abandonment of the planned NATO missile defense system in Eastern Europe was the icing on the cake for nation mischief makers, primarily Russia. America’s “Peace through Strength” initiative was gone. The free-for-all signal was lit. America’s bargaining chip in negotiations for peace anywhere disappeared.

Apparently the resulting absence of the “Big Dog” in the neighborhood has been a resurgence of mischief makers in the world of nations. The Middle East is a tinder box with no fewer than four major conflicts currently underway. Rogue nations who might be timid in their approach are now emboldened. In Europe, Russia has begun furthering their influence in what many believe is an attempt to re-instate the former Soviet Republic.

All of this because the American “Big Dog” is no longer a consideration for peace. — D. C. “Dan” Lee.