“Oh God, protect us from ourselves…”

It has become very difficult for me to watch the news.

On the one hand, the major network evening news fails to report those matters that are greatly impacting the very fiber of what is the United States. On the other, Fox News, The Blaze, and the Internet bring so many facts to light it becomes nightmarish.

The conflicts between tribes in the Muslim Middle East have been perpetuating for centuries. There is fighting in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere impacting our fiscal strength and taking the limbs and lives of our young men and women in the military. These are real shooting wars, not skirmishes, but we pull our punches rather than allow our men and women to bring everything we have to win. It isn’t “politically correct”, we may “irritate a friendly nation”.

Here, at home, the very existence of the United States is threatened by hoards of illegal immigrants flowing across our southern border. No matter their age, the continued flood of people will change the societal landscape of America in ways our Forefathers did not envision. In addition, I believe our national compassion will be brought to the breaking point, our heritage abandoned.

The tragedy of it all is that our elected officials are apparently either unwilling or unable to do what is necessary to stop the degradation of the United States. Left, or Right, does no one stand up to stop the speeding bullet that is aimed directly at the heart of America?

The “Tea Party” folks made a valiant effort in 2009 to wrestle Americans back to the liberties and freedom spelled out by Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and others, and they impacted the 2010 election in a manner not seen in a decade. Largely conservative, the “Tea Party” is now targeted by the establishment Republicans likely not given kindly to folks trying to uproot them as the entrenched power hungry.

The GOP establishment is referred to by the Tea Party faithful as “RINO”Republicans In Name Only. Unfortunately , these long-time politicians run the risk of becoming completely irrelevant altogether as the liberal left takes advantage of the division and dispatches both RINO’s and the Tea Party folks as a direct result.

I’m convinced the poor showing by the Obama Administration in our international affairs is more than inept mismanagement, the onslaught of illegals across our border not simply a sudden, unexpected realization by Central America citizens the United States is welcoming. In my opinion, both of these errors of governing must be part and parcel of a broader plan by President Obama and his Cabinet.

There have been numerous signals by the Administration that illegals, particularly children, will not be deported, that America does not have the will to continue as the greatest international power for freedom in history. The result now shows itself as completely ignoring the United States Constitution and the law of the land.

It is apparent the so-called “RINO’s” do not have the stomach to reverse what is occurring in our nation for fear they will lose their collective hold on political power. It is said the Washington, DC, Beltway of privilege eventually impacts every well-meaning office holder, and the burgeoning bureaucracy continues to call the shots for those we have elected. I believe without a quick remedy, we altogether doomed as the free nation we know and love?

I wish for folks with the intestinal fortitude, as our Founding Fathers exhibited, to save this nation from what I fear is ruination. “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?” — D. C. Dan Lee. 

Rhino 1