All those hungry children…

Somehow, my bride of 55 years, always seems to be able to cut through all the fog to the real heart of an issue. Listening to the Fox News channel talking heads a couple days ago was one of those times.

“We don’t need anymore hungry children coming to America until we make sure all of our own are fed and housed.”

If you think about it, she’s hit the nail right on the head.

The current “humanitarian crisis” on the southern U.S. border, in my view, was manufactured by President Obama’s Executive Order two years ago, declaring no illegal immigrant minor children would be deported. Now, I cannot say he did it on purpose, but everything points in that direction.

So, what about our own. Would an amount similar to the more than $3 billion Obama wants to spend on the current crisis –with no specific plans announced how the money is to be used–make a huge dent in the poverty that exists in the United States? Wouldn’t we be better served to take care of our own first.

Make no mistake, I am not in favor of another federal government give-away program, Lord knows, we have plenty already. The point is simple enough: Why not take care of our own FIRST.

The United States has a current combined national debt of $17 trillion, and growing. We need to get our own fiscal house in order before continuing to be the “Nanny” to the world.

And, what about the southern border? In my opinion, we MUST SECURE THE BORDER FIRST, before considering any immigration “reform” or massive expenditures for illegals. I’d hate to think our compassion is based upon financial considerations, but perhaps we need to think more clearly about the future existence of this nation…we’re broke already. The average cost to our government to maintain a typical illegal “family” is pegged at more than $24,000 per year in taxpayer support.

The solution to the current crisis, and many future situations, is to SECURE THE BORDER once and for all…FIRST. — D C Dan Lee, Danny Boy Stories