The flood of children across the border was intentionally created!

In my view, the recent flood of thousands of children across our southern border has been intentionally created by the Obama administration!

Strong words? You have only to do the research to find the answers.

Rather than doing all that searching on your own, click on this link for a succinct summary written by Gary Gerard, general manager of the Warsaw (IN) Times-Union newspaper:

It seems to me, before offering amnesty to illegals who have crossed into this country over the years, or any other alteration of United States immigration laws and regulations, the border must be secured. In fact, I favor the four southern border states (Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, California) immediately making use of their National Guard troops to stop the flood of humanity. While I abhor the tragic circumstances the citizens and families of Central American countries face on a daily basis. However, the United States cannot be the nanny state for everyone who wishes to come here illegally–children or adults.

The wholesale influx of illegals crossing into the United States threatens our sovereignty, bloats the job seeking workforce, and further inflates the national debt. The United States just cannot handle everyone. Compassion for the plight of others is one thing, but there is a limit to the charity this nation can withstand. The limit was reached long ago.

Those who disagree with my stand usually point to the immigrants who came to this country many years ago and made it what it is today. But, that was then, and this is now. There is a vast difference. By any measure, illegal is illegal. Period.

President Obama’s failure to uphold the laws of this nation is, in my opinion, criminal. — D. C. “Dan” Lee,