The erosion of moral character.

School shootings, workplace violence, stabbings, all perpetrated by folks seemingly considered “good people” prior to the incident.

There are as many theories and opinions offering the “why” these incidents appear to be escalating in frequency as there are peas in a simmering pot. Apparently the popular reason for these nationally televised events is a mental illness or breakdown on the part of the perpetrator. The fact of the matter is that no one really knows what suddenly prompts a student to attack his fellows, or a worker to avenge what is perceived a wrong.

In the case of young students and adults, I fear it is the societal changes wrought by instant communications, more particularly the sound and vision from mass communications and fictional programming. Violence portrayed on the screen bears little resemblance to the agony and suffering that is the reality. Can it be our young folks have been brought up to have little understanding of the pain of violence and death itself? Can it be that ending the life of another is a casual event our young people equate to nothing more than a video game?

It seems moral fiber in our young is lacking. There seems to be no fear of the reprisal that is looming in the judicial system. Further, there appears to be a lack of the values we used to place on a human life, that death itself is nothing more than another event.

I believe morality is spawned by a strong religious underpinning that begins early on in life. Without it, is anarchy far behind? — D. C. “Dan” Lee,