The benefits of fraud, mismanagement, and incompetence!

I would be willing to bet the outright fraud, mismanagement and incompetence now spotlighted in the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Internal Revenue Service, are pervasive throughout the dozens of federal departments and agencies that make up the federal bureaucracy!

Apparently, veterans have had difficulty obtaining prompt medical care from VA facilities for decades, at least since the late 1950s. It is not a recent occurrence brought on by the surge of patients from Iraq or Afghanistan fighting.

Falsifying performance numbers for federal workers to earn bonuses has seemingly become commonplace. Furthermore, federal workers are already paid higher wages and receive higher benefits than people in the private sector doing the same tasks.  [See: ] During the last decade, compensation of federal employees rose faster than compensation of private-sector employees. As a consequence, the average federal civilian worker now earns 74 percent more in wages and benefits than the average worker in the U.S. private sector.”

Employee unions representing federal workers keep the cash flowing to government employees. [See: ] Although slanted toward unionization, the story demonstrates the 1.2 million workers in the federal government are well paid. Furthermore, government unions yield a big stick in contributions to campaigns. [See: ] As a result, it seems, cutting federal spending is a monstrously difficult task for a Congress that is beholding to federal employee unions. Too, union agreements keep workers from being summarily discharged. Most are simply transferred to another agency or department when their incompetence is found out!

If you have ever wondered about the total number of federal workers, here is a chart:

In my view, nothing more than a complete overhaul of our federal bureaucracy will cut the national debt, reduce spending, and bring the federal budget into balance. It is apparent federal governmental operations are completely out of control!

Want to bet? — D. C. “Dan” Lee,