One Can’t Stop Eating!

I’m a budget nut. That is, I follow a budget in our everyday life from stem to stern. It is becoming nearly impossible to hold to a budget, given the rising cost of virtually everything, specially food.

Now, I will admit I am a bit overweight at 195 pounds, but that certainly does not contribute to the upsurge in my budgeting. Let me explain:

I keep a simple Excel workbook for grocery and household purchases. Every month is entered separately in order to follow the change in prices. The average price increase for our routine purchases in the past six months is a whopping 14.7 percent! Of course, some things have increased more–meat and produce. Canned goods have increased only about 4.6 percent. 

Here’s the real rub: Most folks cannot arbitrarily increase their budgets for food. Salary and wages are not increasing proportionately, and those on a fixed income (retirement and social security) can do nothing more than cut elsewhere. It is specially difficult for seniors because ObamaCare is now cutting the amounts for Medicare! Seniors now have to choose between a larger healthcare co-pay or food on the table.

I believe in “trickle down” economics. If the country is doing well, so will we all. Clearly, the country is NOT doing well, so neither will the people. The policies of the present federal administration are not helpful.

So, is today your day to eat, or do you fast today and eat tomorrow? Hmmmm. — Dan Lee,