Leaving Footprints.

We all come into this life pretty much the same, screaming at the top of our lungs. However, the footprints we leave when we pass from this earth may be infinitely more important.

What are the footprints you will leave behind?

In a time shorter than you may think, you are all but forgotten by most who knew you. Your personal possessions, in which you likely placed more value that deserving, will be gone; your favored vehicle sold. No longer are there the little things you cherished, tossed into a refuse container to be hauled away with other unwanted trash.

What will you leave behind to stand as a memento to your time on earth?

Seldom will your errors be forgotten, each seared into the minds of others. Your good deeds will go immediately unnoticed by your peers, dismissed in the bustle of daily routines, for it is easier to remember the bad than the good we do.

So, it seems the only things we leave behind to stand the test of time are our children, and their children, and their children. It is, then, our most important task to raise up our children to be good and decent people, hard working, sensitive, and faithful to the Almighty. Our children remain as a testament to our being, reflecting what our own lives were and further demonstrating what we were by their own actions.

What footprints, then, will you leave behind? — Dan Lee, http://www.dannyboystories.com