Fairy Tales?

I’ve been called an “incurable romantic”, and, if you’ve read any of my books or stories, you may figure I am.

I get up every morning with a different song playing in my mind. I get misty when there is a news story about a seriously injured soldier trying to make sense of life, or they play taps at the cemetery. I have a 25-foot flagpole in my front yard with Old Glory waving in the breeze. And, I have a permit to carry a gun. That’s me.

Is it any wonder, then, I was startled the other day when a man I know said of the Bible: “It’s just a 700-year-old book of fairy tales.”

I’ve written previously about religion and what I believe is the need for humans to have something they can hold on to as we wander through life. I believe the human spirit NEEDS religion to survive, to trudge through the tragedies of life itself. Without religion of one kind or another, humans, in my view, would wander aimlessly through life. Worse, people without a religious foundation would wreak havoc on the world at large with nary a thought of conscious.

There are many religions in the world, Christianity and Islam top the list in number of followers. I know you could name several others. In fact, when I’m told by another person they are an atheist believing in nothing, I figure “So, they believe in ‘nothing’, and that’s something.” 

I’ve been a practicing Christian all my life. I remember receiving my first New Testament at Sunday School. I remember teaching high school students and a young adult class in Sunday School. I know how warming and satisfying true faith can be.

I will pray for those without religion of some kind who cannot know those feelings. D C Dan Lee