Magic Bullets?

Writing is a “craft”. Get over it!

Frankly, I believe writing takes perseverance, patience, and it helps if you a a tad bit off center and melodramatic. Furthermore, unless you publish electronically as an “Indie Writer”, your first piece will likely not be in print… or, your second, or third, etc.

The key is to continue writing. The more you write, the more you will develop your own style. Soon, the words will come more naturally; you will become as one with your characters.

I published a crude learn to write piece on Smashwords, intended to be free for high school students. As it turns out, it is almost too simplified. However, it contains a simple exercise that brought me out of writers block a time or two.

Most young authors nowadays write graphic adult scenes in their work; perhaps figuring word-illustrated sex sells. It does, of course. After more than 50 years writing, I recently abandoned the “limited profanity and sex scenes” for nearly graphic sex scenes in my newest efforts, a series of adult crime stories. It will be interesting to see how they do, when compared to my other works.

Whatever your style, fiction or non-fiction, it is necessary to have a great vocabulary, command of the English language, and a good editor.

Keep at it… Dan Lee, Danny Boy Stories, IWC Member