The Precipice We Face!

I recall, when I was a boy, the folks walking around the downtown district wearing ‘A’ frame signs declaring “The End is Near”. Their message, of course, was a religious reminder, however, given the goings on in our nation’s capitol, I wonder if those signs would be very appropriate today.

It is of no consequence if your leanings are toward Republican or Democrat parties, conservative or liberal, this country is it sad straights. We are flat broke! Interest on our debt is pushing us further into debt,–now at nearly $18 trillion, and soon to be $20 trillion–there are not enough working Americans contributing enough to fund the daily operations of a growing federal bureaucracy, and, I fear, reductions in our military have left us unable to defend ourselves from a growing dislike of the United States overseas.

Now, if that is not sufficient to frighten the most optimistic citizen, our representatives in Congress lack the intestinal fortitude to tackle our problems head-on. Most, who have been elected to office too many times, are more concerned greasing the palms of their friends and paying themselves forward. The Congress has become a body of the “ruling elite” entirely disconnected with the people for whom they work, and sinfully partisan.

Newly elected office holders in the Washington, DC, Beltway have little to say in an atmosphere cautioning the newbies: “Now this is how it works.” Soon, they, too, are bellied up to the public trough. In my view, legislation is directed at garnering reelection through pork barrel funding, rather than doing what is right or responsible. States must now consider ignoring edicts from the Federal Government; and, ask yourself why do we continue to pour more and more dollars into public education with increasingly limited results? Furthermore, it would seem, we are giving away the store with no opportunity to recover.

You and I could rant on and on, accomplishing little more than soothing our frustration level. Perhaps what we really need is a peaceful citizen march on Washington, similar to the nearly two million souls the Tea Party folks brought there September 12, 2011. Perhaps a citizen visit to the Capitol that is substantially larger.

In my opinion, we are nearing the precipice from which this nation will not recover.

I’m ready to gas up the motor home and head that way. How about you? — D. C. “Dan” Lee,