Two, Oh, One, Four…

We shocked several friends behind the pharmacy counter recently with the declaration the  2014 year will be politically and personally worse that 2013, and we were stone cold serious.

Apparently, everyone in the small group clearly believes their lives will improve in this next year, positive finances will improve in a growing economy, disposable income will be up, and the politicians in Washington, DC, will finally come to grips with the needs and real opinions of the people they represent.

Not a chance.

In my view, ObamaCare will implode on itself, but those who support it–including a President who is using it to force total federally controlled medical care on the citizenry–and the uproar will be the catalyst to bring a “national emergency” declaration forward further limiting the will of the electorate.

I find it interesting there were several “doomsday” posts on social media during the week prior to January 1, 2014. Are these true or false? Many are far fetched, in my mind, but those involving the Department of Homeland Security and its widening and growing domestic police force are of great concern. DHS is now involved deeply in local community regulation–planning, fire, police, zoning, and the like. In fact, you will find them present at commission meetings, participation and advising local representatives who obediently accept most recommendations without question.

DHS has already delivered control over state agencies through its state offices. Go ahead, look it up. In any local emergency who quickly takes control of the situation? Who tells first responders what to do? Who directs your own law enforcement?

How did this occur? We have allowed it. The wide-ranging statutes establishing DHS made it possible, and the local desire for equipment funds and “expert” advisers took care of the rest in a time of pinched budgets and reduced tax revenue. After all, who among us would not rather lighten our own load by allowing another to step in with the muscle?

So, in my opinion, 2014 will be a nasty year for us all, regardless of the mid-term elections. Our elected officials won’t care because they have too many perks to lose…and we are willingly paying the tab, because it is just easier. — Danny Boy Stories.