No longer a leader…

Nearly from the beginning the United States of America has led the world in societal development–industry, technology, liberties, personal wealth, military strength, diplomacy, and more. Even as early as 1800, the nation asserted its values of freedom of speech, religion, thought, and backed it up with diplomacy and the will to defend those values and its borders.

Now, that is clearly not the case. America’s word is no longer trusted, its ability to “police” the world non-existent, apparently due to the inability to forge a consensus among other nations. Indeed, it appears long-time “friends” of the world now are more than hesitant to “go-along”.

My view is the United States has become indecisive, and its foreign policy ability to practice diplomacy all but neutered. It has been proven over centuries by various societies one cannot be all things to all people, and that includes countries. In fact, I believe, at the root of this nation’s foreign inability is the sterility of the Congress and inability of Presidents to lead. How can a nation expect to be the standard of others when it cannot effectively govern itself?

Our own representatives in the House and in the Senate have clearly demonstrated a propensity to clear the way for their own personal futures, wealth, and power, than to truly govern. Too, the Congress has allowed the massive growth of a bureaucracy of agencies willing to operate without real oversight, further complicating the ability of the people to protect personal liberty.

I believe fear of what may come–I call it the ‘Chicken Little Syndrome–has allowed development of a government probing and interfering into the personal lives of its citizens beyond reason. It is reason and non-partisan decision making that is apparently completely lacking in government today.

It may well be that America will soon be an island unto itself, allowing forces from within to erode the freedoms and liberties enjoyed for more than 200 years. America is even unwilling to protect its own border sovereignty as a nation. I suggest the only way to prevent the demise of the United States is to reel in government growth, establish painful fiscal irresponsibility, and end partisan bickering.

Our own individual selfishness and lack of personal religious belief is a huge part of why the United States is, in my opinion, no longer the nation it once became. — Dan Lee, Danny Boy Stories.