Pandering and patronizing.

In general, I consider myself a pretty simple fellow, patient, easy going. I’m usually first to consider the emotions of another before striking out in a head-long dissertation of my own views. Nevertheless, I’m Conservative, and somewhat headstrong when it comes to politics and the well-being of my country.

Now, regardless what may be their limited factual information, I prefer folks just say what is on their mind in a polite and considerate fashion. Let’s not beat around the bush, but, rather, calmly discuss our differences, retaining our friendship in the end.

I cannot, however, put up with pandering and patronizing. In fact, it usually infuriates me to the point I must simply walk away. Do you really know what those two words mean, according to the dictionary? Let me help:

Pandering: 1. Indulge weaknesses: to indulge somebody’s weaknesses or questionable wishes and tastes; 2. procure sexual favors: to procure sexual favors for somebody; 3. indulgent person: somebody who indulges somebody else’s weaknesses or questionable wishes and tastes. Synonyms: ingratiate yourself, curry favor with, make overtures, pander, insinuate, worm your way in.

Patronizing: 1. condescending: treating somebody as if he or she is less intelligent or knowledgeable than yourself. Synonyms: condescending, belittling, supercilious, full of yourself, superior, denigrating.

Over the years, I have considered my personal education a continuing exercise. Nearly 20 years as a journalist gives me a voracious appetite for the latest news…usually news one cannot find elsewhere. I dislike cellphones, but mine is tuned to Fox News Channel 24/7. Additionally, I read, read, read, mostly for knowledge. Now I’m a full time writer and should really be reading material my writer friends offer. However, I intend to leave this planet fully informed.

Pandering and patronizing? I’m just plain sick of our power hungry politicians on all sides of the aisle and issues parroting what they think voters want to hear, rather than how an issue really is impacting our nation. Those who are elected based upon “making a difference”, “changing Washington”, are just plain foolish. The only way that will occur is to completely change the Congress. Doing so, though, still leaves the entrenched bureaucrats populating huge federal departments at the expense of the People.

How about the Constitution? How can one insist this governing document needs to be changed or updated, when their lack of knowledge about the original and the reasons behind what the Founding Fathers were thinking is all but non-existent.

But, what do I know? I’m just an Old Man biding his limited time. — Dan Lee, Danny Boy Stories.