…Equal but opposite…

Sir Isaac Newton, an English scientist, is responsible for a basic law of physics we all know: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

I contend this law of physics applies in many ways to society at large, and how change in the way we behave eventually involves an upsurge of opposing views.

An excellent example, is the surge of the “Tea Party” movement in 2009, largely due to the passage of “Obamacare” in a strictly partisan action, and the threat of unfettered control over business by so-called “cap and trade” EPA proposed regulation. Citizens and businesses alike saw the looming over reach of a burgeoning federal government and reacted in a way that resulted in nearly two million people marching on Washington, DC.

Now, detractors have been able to brand the tea party faithful as radicals, racists, and more, all of which is not the case at all. Branding tea party folks is a purposeful reaction against those who oppose bigger governmental intrusion. The demise of “real journalists” a few years ago, apparently now feeds on an ability of writers to mold and influence public opinion to the writer’s way of thinking. It is an altogether opposite purpose of news reporting Benjamin Franklin espoused.

Enter, now, the Internet and all those electronic devices…we read on them, search questionable material touted as “fact”, play games, check the weather, schedule our days, and so much more. Even folks my age have embraced the new age of digital information.

The problem with digital information is this: People will not take the time to read a probing, extensively factual article. Most will not check the facts at all. The result, in my view, is what some now call a society of “limited information” people.

So, is it now time for a reaction to the foundational structure that is the United States? Are limited information folks going to allow this nation to be pulled apart, piece by piece, perhaps into Socialism?

It is, of course, an opposite reaction to the vision of our Founding Fathers’ crafting of a Representative Republic. That very form has resulted in officials who appear to be only interested in their own selfish views and power, at the expense of the electorate.

But, then, it’s only my opinion… Dan Lee, Danny Boy Stories.