The sneaky DHS.

The federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has apparently quietly slipped into nearly every corner of local government. It is worrisome to me.

Before reading further, you need to know all business structures in the State of Indiana come under the purview of what is called “State Plans”, not local building and planning departments. So far, so good. Now, however, the DHS is fully involved in that state authority.

Why, though, would the DHS concern itself with a tiny tavern in Mentone, Indiana, a small town of only about 1,000 citizens? ( ) Mentone is considered the “egg basket” of the world because of the large egg production facilities in this Indiana farm country. Maybe the DHS thought Humpty Dumpty was going to fall at any moment.

Apparently, the state planning department is now an arm of the DHS. How did that happen? Why?

The initial newspaper story bothering me was in the Warsaw (IN) Times-Union newspaper in late July 2013.  If you are concerned with those federal tentacles marching everywhere nowadays, it is worth your time to find and read the article. Suffice it to say the DHS spent eight hours inspecting the building the owner wanted to remodel for his business. Why? They claimed they were just “driving through” and noticed the building renovation. Sure.

Take a look at a typical state expansion of the DHS, ostensibly for purposes of “Leadership for a Safe and Secure Indiana”. Sounds good, right? I feel safer, already. ( )

I worry, though, what is really happening is the DHS is essentially taking over all those state, city, and town government responsibilities with little resistance. Municipal and state budgets have been hard hit by the economic downturn. DHS is welcome to help take the financial load off. Is it not true, however, this is another method of the federal government usurping local control?

I believe the unfettered expansion of the DHS into local government under the guise of “safety and security” is a dangerous overreach. Furthermore, what ever happened to those thousands of rounds of ammunition DHS ordered and received?

But, it’s just me thinking again. Not to worry.– Dan Lee, Danny Boy Stories.