Things I consider.

Young man, I’ve spoken to you before about the changes I’ve seen in the past three-quarters of a century, so many times, in fact, you likely think I’m lecturing you. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to speak to you again about our country.

Certainly, there are so many wonderful improvements I suspect you take them all for granted. Think of your day without your cellular telephone, computer, those strange looking shoes you call “sneakers”. Consider, just for a moment looking skyward, all the white trails made by airplanes traveling faster than anyone imagined possible when I was born, each one carrying a hundred or more people to some destination.

If you contemplate changes wrought by science, these clutter the mind. Hundreds of mechanical and scientific improvements helping us live a comfortable life. Perhaps, though, the comfort is not what it ought to be.

It’s the social changes worrying me the most.

Now, I’ve never considered myself a bigot, or racist, and I make an effort not to discriminate against anyone, but the social changes give me pause. There are two things I hold dear that sometimes cause me conflict with myself: The Bible, and the Constitution.

The Supreme Court says marriage between folks of the same sex is okay, yet my Bible–in at lease four passages mind you–rejects the practice. Will approval of pedifiles be next?

The Bible tells us “thou shall not kill”, yet we abort unwanted infants. Seeking to avoid the stigma of children born out of wedlock, we call our sexual partners “fiancee”. There are just too many people thinking below the belt. What’s that new term that makes casual sex okay, “hooking up”?

There are too many invented “rights”, too. We have god-given rights, like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are not guaranteed happiness, or riches, or even food on the table. Those things we must earn from our own toil, the sweat of our own brow, our own effort. What ever happened to the saying: “Pull yourself up by your boot straps”?

This country was founded by folks who came here from places across the globe. They all assimilated and blended, struggling to survive together, and they did it joyfully, abiding by law. Now, we’re told sneaking into this country is not “illegal”, those folks are simply “undocumented”. Considering folks who came here by stealth as doing so illegally is “not American”, lacking compassion for children, we’re told. I’m certainly willing to give those in need a hand up, but it occurs to me allowing an opening of the flood gates will be the downfall of this nation… from within.

I’m most concerned about a government with so many rules even those charged with administering them have little knowledge of what exists in our Public Law binders. In point of fact, there are so many laws the average citizen could likely be arrested and incarcerated at any moment. Our heads would spin trying to figure out what the poor soul did wrong.

The tentacles of the Department of Homeland Security should churn in the stomach of every citizen. Now, enforcement representatives of that department “consult” in every part of local law: building and structural changes, public celebrations and events of every kind and character, how your local tavern operates, grocery store food stocking, even tree and sidewalk ordinances. By the way, what ever happened to all those cartridges ordered for the department. Remember, DHS is composed of many agencies, each with its own “enforcement” division. It’s worrisome to me.

In my way of thinking, social change comes about calmly through the people, not by way of legislation. It is social change brought about by public disruption and reactionary legislation that will dilute, perhaps eliminate, liberty.

But, then, what does an Old Man know? — Dan Lee, Danny Boy Stories.