Offroad mudpath.

Good day:

After three-quarters of a century, I’m wondering where we took the wrong turn, or, in the very least dropped off the pavement into uncharted territory.

In the past couple of weeks it has been time for the annual poking and prodding by the medical community on my physical form. Popping in and out of offices, there is an absence of smiles, understanding folks who are ill are not going to smile much. That’s just not my style. I prefer to laugh, poke fun, have a good time at my own expense. Nevertheless, folks seem preoccupied.

Frankly, there are so many things to complain about it’s easy to get “down in the dumps”, as my mother used to say. Furthermore, I believe, we’ve complicated our lives beyond resuscitation. What happened?

It’s simple really: It’s all about the money! Abject greed has caused a trickle down pressure on average folks. It begins with huge, multinational corporations, continues into our elected officials in the Federal Government, and has no ending. Complex layers of activity in government and business defy understanding. In point of fact, government likely cannot solve our most basic problems, because the structure has become so convoluted and complicated, the damage to other institutions would be unbearable.

A few weeks ago, Congress, for example, continued subsidies because the impact on the economy if those hand-outs were undone would be impossible.

I like to think in simple terms:

  • There is no way to be all things to all people.
  • You can’t give away the hen house and expect to raise chickens.
  • There is not enough cash in the economy to fund the retirement of all.
  • You cannot spend money you do not have.
  • Learn from the mistakes of history.
  • Consider God, Family, Country, Duty, and Honor in that order.

And, by the way, I figure we should not try to over-think the guidance in the Bible or United States Constitution…but, that’s just me.