ON THE FRONTIER. Like many of you, I’ve


Like many of you, I’ve spent some time reading and looking things up on the Internet and in other sources. I’ve come to the conclusion we’ll never really know what occurred in the Zimmerman/Martin case down in Florida.

In my mind, both parties, one of them deceased, were at fault. Zimmerman, over zealous, carrying a weapon; Martin, something of a thug suspended from school for his own bad acts.

What troubles me most is the cry in the streets for “justice”. Like it or not, justice was served. A jury returned a verdict following a fair trial, all according to Constitutional law. Those who don’t agree with the verdict have no place calling for some other kind of “justice”.

Further, politicians are off base calling for federal statute charges just because they, too, did not like the verdict. If the truth be told, there are so many Federal Public Law statutes on the books, not any one of us could escape the courts; we could be charged with something any minute. Think about that–the shoes would be on our feet.

This entire tragic episode reminds me of so-called frontier justice: “Give ‘im a fair trial, then we’ll hang ‘im!” That kind of law enforcement was not justice back then, and it is not justice now. But, that’s just my opinion… what do I know?