What most Indie Writer’s need, above al

What most Indie Writer’s need, above all else, is Brand Identification that will sweep them out of the Internet morass into the bright light that will propel the buying public to the many Indie great writers and books, and that is exactly what the Independent Writer’s Cooperative intends to do.Together, there is much we can do.

There are hundreds of sites on the Internet attempting to promote books, yet the buying public has know knowledge of them. In fact, YOU likely have never heard of the majority. How, then, can your books be promoted and purchased if the buying public is unaware?

Book Co-Op.com (TM), the Independent Writer’s Cooperative brand can help your sell books. IWC is your cooperative, a non-profit organization where Indie Writers pool their resources (dues). A writer with $100 to spend on marketing can do very little, but 100 writers with $100 can do a great deal.

We’re still under construction, but we need you to join with us today. Go to our web site and click on the PayPal link to submit your dues. A small $75 for a full 12 months is very little to spend on and effort that, over time, can put Indie writers in the public awareness.

SunKist, SunSweet, OceanSpray, and other marketing cooperatives have proven time and again the tremendous value of cooperatively marketing. Is what you are now doing working?

If not, come together with the Independent Writer’s Cooperatiive! http://ow.ly/mFWpD