Are we really finished?

I really don’t know how to go about this, my words are certainly not politically correct, and some folks may do more than just take exception.

Let me first set the stage: I grew up during World War Two and the aftermath. I remember the painful stories of neighbors, their broken bodies silent witness to the tragedy of war. An uncle came home with jungle rot, another found it difficult to walk, his feet damaged by the cold during the Battle of the Bulge. A close friend cried while remembering his climb onto a half track in an attempt to survive an onslaught of the enemy in Iwo Jima after his marine platoon was all but decimated. He lost most of his hearing  to the constant roar of the machine guns in the turret.

Another friend served eight years in the Navy, only to be called up in 1941 into the Merchant Marine when capable men were needed. Too, I have friends who survived the cold and difficult Korean conflict, and there are four of my friends on that long black wall that is the Vietnam War Memorial. Sadly, I’m having trouble remembering their names.

In the 60’s, I served alongside a local Jaycees membership more than half Hispanic, working weekends to plant trees along the downtown boulevard of our home town, conduct seat belt “clinics” installing belts in cars. We held “Bicycle Safety Rodeos” for the kids, and raised tons of money for playground equipment in four city parks where there was nothing. Good men, good Americans.

My recollection, perhaps partly flawed, is preparatory to my view on immigration reform. It is going to happen, sooner rather than later. But, major news sources fail to identify the caveat most Americans put onto their support for immigration reform. CBS News tonight (5/1/2013) touted their recent poll showing 83% of Americans favor citizenship for illegals. They failed to mention “if they can pass a background check, pay back taxes and meet other requirements”. Just a small omission of important facts.

Similarly, ABC did the same when they announced results of a joint poll with the Wall Street Journal–76% in this case.

The result is an uninformed American public who now believe all their friends and neighbors are now in the majority and will look the other way on illegal immigration and the need to first secure the border. Americans fail to understand the current “discussions” in Washington are tantamount to an invitation to “all comers” to cross the Rio Grande into America. Illegals crossing the border is up three fold since all of this “conversation” began just after the first of the year.

I cannot reconcile in my mind the failure to secure the border with a FENCE! I cannot understand if most Americans do not believe in some kind of requirement for illegal immigrants to become an American when so many have died in the cause to protect this country. There is a middle ground, of course, but it is not wholesale surrender of our sovereignty.

We need to do this correctly, with appropriate requirements for those here illegally, closure of the borders, and a welcoming hand, …but nothing more.

Is America finished? Maybe.