Starting over?

How many times have you heard someone say, “Boy, if I were only (X age) again.”

Look, you cannot go back, and you certainly cannot go ‘home’ in the purest sense. After all, things change, time marches on with or without you.

In my ‘Danny Boy Stories’, I usually write about the period 1955-1960, often referred to as the “Golden” decade. In my mind, it was a simpler time in many, many ways.

People have changed dramatically in their everyday lives. Jack Welch (former GE CEO) posted an article recently, taken from an address he made. Within it, he refers directly to the lack of candor in business nowadays. ( ) I’ll venture the lack of candor infects us all.

It seems to me we carefully measure what we say for fear of reprisal, or, fear we will insult someone. Political correctness (something I’ve written about previously) fosters a lack of candor. I do not believe, however, it is as much political correctness as it is the lack of an ability to understand what others are saying or writing. Further, the ‘blame someone’ media will misinterpret whatever is said, causing a public person to be forced undercover or ruined altogether.

Think about it. Are we less specific nowadays? Do we use phrases or words such as, “you know”, “that thing”, “um”, etc., far more than necessary? In my view, it is because our society lacks a good working vocabulary and command of the English language. Many of us have difficulty expressing ourselves because we lack the ability. We cannot find the words. Further, I believe, we have nurtured a generation or two of lazy people, folks unwilling to work hard to earn the good things of life, i.e., “I want it, and I want it now!”

So what does communication skills have to do with society?


It is very simple, in my view. If you cannot communicate well, you can do nothing successfully. The real winners are those who can write and speak effectively. Period.