Campaign Language

Today, I returned to the books and re-read the inaugural addresses of Truman, Eisenhower, Carter, Reagan, Bush (2), Clinton, and Obama (1). Suffice it to say it took some time. Conclusion: President Barack Obama’s second address (January 21, 2013) was disappointing campaign rhetoric with no specifics, no plans, no ideas, no proposals, no substance.

[As a matter of full disclosure, I am a conservative, did not vote for Obama, but I honor the office of the presidency as an American citizen. Obama won the election, get over it.]

At a time when this nation needs intelligent, fully involved, leadership, the President’s second inaugural address provided nothing on which to hang your hat. Like his previous speeches over the past four years, he made lofty promises to all those special interest groups he favors, knowing he has no need to run again for re-election. Why was there no substance? Can you name one new concept or solution he presented in his second inaugural address?

The President is secure for the next four years, why did he not put forward new ideas? Why did he not, at least, put forward plans to meet with the opposition political party leaders on a regular, perhaps weekly, basis? Why did he not broach ways in which to overhaul the crippling costs of entitlements? Why did he not propose ways to end the massive deficit [much of which he caused by his policies], or to reduce spending, cut federal payroll, re-design benefit packages for federal workers and bureaucrats more appropriately in line with the private sector? Why did he ignore the need to establish a concrete foreign policy?

Every president since, and including Harry Truman, has outlined specifics in inaugural addresses. All presented ideas to improve America and solve problems. President Obama again delivered a wide-ranging list of campaign promises with no specific ideas or resolutions. It would have been welcome had he outlined a simple action plan time frame for the next four years. Alas, there was nothing of the kind.

I’m trying to give the man the benefit of the doubt, but can only presume by his words and deeds he has no ideas or solutions. He will simply occupy the Oval Office for four years, presiding over politics as usual, while he manages by Executive Order in a continued attempt to socialize the United States. I fear we may be in a worse national condition after four more years of indecision and indecisiveness.

America deserves better. …but, it’s only my opinion.