Government Garbage

I am simply an old boy fiction writer sitting here in Indiana, but I can still smell a lobbyist-driven government garbage truck with the best of them.

That is exactly the load President Obama and the Congress dumped on the American People a few days ago in what they called a “fiscal cliff compromise”. I make it a practice to research the actions of our government before commenting, and there is no resemblance to a bill that cuts spending and lowers taxes with this piece of garbage we have handed as citizens and taxpayers.

Go ahead. Check your own sources. What Congress and the president did was cut expenses (theoretically) by $15 billion and gave us a $620 billion increase over the next 10 years. In fact, the bill is estimated to increase the deficit by $4 trillion over the same period, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


Let’s see, our busy leaders said they would avoid the fiscal cliff, cut expenditures, extend Bush’s lower taxes, and eliminate loopholes and those nasty little exemptions the wealthy use to cut their own tax bill. What they gave us was a $41 to $1 ratio of tax increases, nailed fully 80-percent of wage earners (less than 51% of the populace) with a Social Security tax increase, so those making less than $80,000 or so will find their take-home pay down at least 1.1%. Oh, and those folks making $400,000 or more will see their taxes go up 3.1% to 8.4%.

Hollywood film and television producers–the guys who ponied up plenty of re-election cash–get a whopping tax break, multinational corporations can still defer taxes by moving profits offshore, big Wall Street banks got some breaks, too, and the rum tax for Puerto Rico was cut. There are more examples, but, nothing for the man-on-the-street like you and me.

What is much worse, the legislation includes, word for word, the entire “Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012” put together by a Senate committee, with lobbyist input, last August! What that piece does is provide permanency to a number of corporate tax credits to things like the film producers, wind energy, and so on. No real fiscal cliff consideration or real budget cuts. Go ahead, look it up.

You blood pressure will increase when you realize, only a few hours after passing their “fiscal cliff compromise”, the Congress passed a $10.1 billion Sandy relief bill full of pork for other places, including in states like Alaska, etc., far from the hurricane ravaged area.

Lobbyists and bureaucracy insiders are still running the government…business as usual. Our leaders say they will address the deficit and entitlements in a few weeks.


The “new” Congress is now in office. The old-timers–those who have been in office too long already–will see that the newbies toe the line, the merry-go-round in the Beltway continues to turn, and, We the People are helpless to improve our lot. They all get a raise for doing such a fine job of sticking it to us again!

But, that’s just my opinion…