Women’s sufferage?

It seems to me this “women’s suffrage” thing has gone way too far!

Women are entitled to vote, to receive equal wages for equal work, equal station for equal ability, removal of the so-called “glass ceiling”, and more, but, in my mind, there are more issues than simple equality at play.

I view it this way: God created males to be physically muscular and stronger as providers of food, shelter and clothing for the family. He made women physically different for purposes of child bearing, to survive longer, assuring motherly care for those children. No doubt, this view will earn me great scarlet letters from members of the National Organization for Women (NOW).

Without women, who would provide a needed tender touch, care, and, of course, natural amour? Without the gentleness of a woman, would it be necessary to ask your partner to first shave before a needed sympathetic embrace? While men are capable of tenderness, love, and compassion, simple ability is where those senses end for the male. It is the woman who is more adept at giving tender warmth and comfort in times of difficulty.

No, I prefer opening doors, helping a woman enter an automobile, across the room, up a stairway. I look forward to her embrace, throwing my wrap over the puddle, holding her soft shoulders or hand as we walk, the intoxicating aroma of her body. Without women, romance is a vacuum, a void, a complete dullness of life itself.

In my final analysis, there is no comparison between the soft, gentleness of a woman’s ability to move the heart, and the grizzled coarseness of a man…notwithstanding her occasional sharp tongue.