IS IT THE GUNS? As most of you, I have w


As most of you, I have written at length on my blog regarding this complicated issue. Let’s be clear at the outset, I am a military trained gun owner and intend to protect my family with them if it ever, God forbid, it comes to that. That does not mean I patrol the community with my 9mm pistol strapped on my side simply because the 2nd Amendment and my carry permit says I can.

This issue is not the firearms, it is We the People and how we have come to raise our young and apply our values.

So called ‘assault rifles’, M-15s, are not assault rifles at all, these simply are equipped with a cartridge that is more powerful, otherwise very little more than an instrument firing a bullet only a fraction larger than a 22 we used as kids, and it is convertible with many options. The small bullet will penetrate.

In my mind, the issue is the decay of our moral values and complete lack of modesty. Our societal changes cannot be blamed entirely on violent, explicit movies, although these share the blame; cannot be blamed on violent video games, although these share the blame; cannot be blamed on permissiveness, although this is a cause; cannot be blamed on lack of religious training and foundational guidelines, although absence of it is a cause.

It is all of these things–contributing as one to an “open, permissive” society tolerant of too many indecencies and deprivation from values that build character–we must blame.

As parents, we have moved heaven and earth to give our children all those things we could not have, signalling the “I want it, and I want it now” philosophy is right and acceptable without the hard work and sacrifice our parents gave. No longer do we move from week to week, beginning each seven day period with worship to an Almighty. No longer does our daily focus include common courtesy and etiquette. Our primary objectives each day involve the accumulation of material goods and wealth.

So, it is no wonder we come to blame a piece of metal and plastic for a tragic, unacceptable, event. All the legislation we can muster will not change what we have become.