A Country’s Murder!

We are murdering the United States of America, the bullet is out of the barrel, and it may be too late to turn away!

Utopia n. 1) an imaginary and indefinitely remote place; 2) often capitalized, a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions; 3) an impractical scheme for social improvement.

Apparently, our American society has become a nation of people looking to have their cake and eat it, too. Our government has become a burgeoning, impossible entity controlling ever more of our lives, but it appears to be exactly what the majority of voters ask. Do folks really want a cradle to grave protective government? If so, who will be left to pay the bill?

America was, of course, founded on personal liberties in a free enterprise system. This is no longer the case. According to the Bible, life itself is not fair, and yet, more people look for governmentally imposed financial and position fairness for all, requiring still more and more regulation and laws essentially “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. It is an altogether unreasonable course that is likely unattainable.

With the stoke of a pen, an American president can dilute liberties of individuals, and has done so multiple times in recent years. Republicans and Democrats, pinned to the wall by their laxidasical effort in recent decades, are now unable to reach acceptable compromises that may have been easier in the past. Too, our elected officials are unaware they were not canonized when elected, and pay little heed to those who put them in office.

Our young, are no longer satisfied by working hard, gaining experience, and earning a new home, car, and a more comfortable lifestyle. College graduates demand instant notoriety, position, and wages, even though their skill, knowledge, or ability is not proven nor tested. Their attitude “I want it, and I want it now”, is likely the result of two things: 1) We parents worked hard to give our children all those things we did not have growing up, and 2) The liberal bias educational system gave our kids the socialistic mindset to demand it is right to penalize those who have earned better life stations through their own efforts.

Add in a rapidly eroding moral standard focusing on material worth, rather than solid loving character, and the future is entirely dark.

This nation, regardless what Congress may do in the next few days, is teetering on financial collapse. Nothing more than a wholesale chopping of expenditures, overhaul of entitlements, and reduction of governmental size and largess will save America. With a budget generating an annual more than a trillion dollars in additional debt each year, how can a reduction that is less than equal the shortfall be the solution?

Additional taxes only postpone the inevitable, give elected representatives what they need to perpetuate their selfish governing, and take needed money from what is required for the people and their businesses to survive.

Failing to face the facts of deficit spending, the folly of ignoring the Constitutional limits put on government in the first place, and the desires of selfish people to want more than they deserve, are the culprits joining hand in hand to murder the United States of America.