War is Hell“, attributed to American Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman, is an oft quoted, colossal understatement of what is reality. War is not a motion picture, or video game. There is real death, real pain and suffering.

Those who would easily send young men and women into battle have likely never trained or prepared for war, never tasted the smoke of munitions in the mouth, or known the acrid smell of death in the nostrils. There are no other comparisons to these that challenge one’s sensibilities.

Mortal combat comes only at great cost, monetarily and in life itself, life taken at a cost of violating the law of God. The decision to enter into war, however small or limited, must be taken with great care, for there is no turning back, no swift retreat. There is a time, however, nations must make that altogether fatal judgement to protect itself from tyranny, the dictatorial bully.

As I have written previously in this space, war founded on religious ideology cannot be won, only temporarily suspended, perhaps only in a truce to prevent further spread of death. Such is the case in the Middle East. Apparently, Islamic combatants never intend to postpone their zealous effort to rid the world of other spiritual beliefs. If that is so, there is little hope of ever negotiating, ever achieving even a small peace.

Unfortunately, Americans are suspicious of all those who practice Islam, providing another sparking fuse on a powder keg that may one day explode within the United States itself.

“War IS Hell!”