On the Horizon.

The sunrise this morning was particularly beautiful, shades of blue, pink and orange bathing the horizon and sky for more than thirty minutes. Lenticular clouds grew from dark pink to bright orange and, then, spotlighted in white. Looking to the right out my living room windows, our flagpole was suddenly splashed with a bright yellow sunlight, Old Glory and the Gadsden flag luminescent at the top.

Reflecting on the loveliness of this beginning morning, I could not help but wonder aloud, “What is to become of us.”

A president, full of himself, the result of a recent election victory, declaring he will not compromise with the Congress. A Speaker of the House removing his own party members from choice committee positions, likely because they would not toe the party line, a partisan bickering clearly sending the United States into a ruining financial position from which we may not be able to survive.

It is one thing to refuse to compromise principles, quite another to decline common sense for purely political power positioning. The United States nearly fell to civil war in the short years after the British surrendered and the Constitution was ratified, but clearer heads prevailed. States realized it was much better to unite than to selfishly maintain a strident, unbending position. Thus, American was born on compromise.

The president and the congressional leadership need to realize you cannot “have your cake and eat it, too.”